Press & testimonials

‘I had two excellent massages from Lisa, a half-Brightonian-half-Grenadian. She is also a yoga teacher, and Lucy attests to two very good sessions on a deck on a bluff overlooking the sea.’
John Kampfner, The Times, Aug 5, 2006


‘The spa is headed up by Lisa Williams, a Grenada-dwelling Brit whose repertoire includes meditation, yoga, reflexology, stress management using NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques, deep-tissue massage, reiki and acupressure. The massage was quite possibly the best this jaded Londoner has ever come across in her life.’
Christa D’Souza, UK Vogue, November 2006


For the hard-to-shift knotty muscles I get a visit from Lisa Williams, a therapist from the neighbouring island of Petite Martinique, who gives the best massage ever. She also untangles knotty problems such as anxiety, insomnia and work-related stress, with a personal lifestyle analysis that starts with a discussion to pin-point what is causing the tension. She then offers a package of tools to help cope back in the real world – “nothing too wacky or weird, but tailored to fit you”. This includes coaching in breathing techniques, visualisation, muscle-relaxing exercises and positive thinking.’
Beverly Doole, Financial Times, September 15, 2007

Thank you so much for a wonderful massage and some good advice!
Cherie Blair, London

We are very impressed with Lisa’s professionalism during both yoga and massage. She is amazing – tuning into what we need and not just following a standard routine. I have practicised yoga on and off for 10 years. Working with Lisa one to one helped me rediscover how important it is to maintain its practice in my life. Not only was she interested in my prior yoga experience and tailored our session to meet my needs, she also helped push me to another level; working with me on alignment and helping me focus.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan Nelson, New York

I heard about Lisa’s fantastic massage skills through a friend and went for a 90 minute session which was the most relaxing and enjoyable time possible. I just didn’t want it to stop. Afterwards I felt really lovely as well and had the best sleep in ages that night.

Vroni Holzmann, Edinburgh